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We Keep Your Website Up and Running

With daily backups protecting your website, security checks and scans; you can be confident in knowing that Datakation is providing the most up to date technology to protect your investment.

Web Hosting Made Easy

Whether you’re just starting out or have been on the web before, we offer secure hosting in all of our bundles. Daily monitoring keeps us ahead of the hackers and your brand in safe hands.

15Years experience

30minute response time

24hour support

365days a year




Cloud hosting is a technology used by a business owner to save money on computer hardware and technology labor. Cloud services can provide website hosting, daily backups, email systems, and data storage.


A domain name is an easy to remember word so that people can find your business on the internet. An example of a domain name is google.com and amazon.com


Hackers will look for easy targets. Adding a few security features will help deter someone from breaking in. The most common way someone gets hacked is by having a weak password.


Your web hosting plan will be determined by your type of business. We have web hosting for personal blogs, small businesses, online stores, and government, schools or churches.


Nothing! We will handle everything for you. Once your purchase is completed, a technician will contact you. He will ask you a few simple questions. 72 hours later you will be up and running.